Characterization of Inner Cavity Lining of Proteins

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CICLOP (Characterization of Inner Cavity Lining of Proteins) aims to identify and characterize the pores/cavities/tunnels/channels found in proteins. The software is able to accurately map the residues that line the inside surface of these structural features of a given protein. CICLOP is completely automated with the only required input of the protein coordinates, in the form of a PDB file. The tool was tested on varying (both in structure and function) proteins and was able to achieve its objective in an efficient and accurate manner. Created in an attempt to provide some key insights into critical biological functions of these proteins, CICLOP was also bench tested with some of the leading softwares and methods trying to achieve a similar goal.

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Parth Garg, Sukriti Sacher, Prutyay Gautam, Mrinal, Atul, Arjun Ray. CICLOP: A robust, faster, and accurate computational frameworkfor protein inner cavity detection, bioRxiv, 2021. doi: 10.1101/2020.11.25.39924 URL:

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